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Local Search Engine Optimization in South Florida

Local Search Engine Optimization in South Florida

Today’s world of business marketing is like no other generation before. Not only do companies have more options, but moreso obligations if they want their businesses to succeed. It’s important to continue many traditional marketing approaches, such as direct mail and other print advertising resources, but you must develop a website and produce an online presence to its peek to inform and attract prospects.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the top ways to generate qualified leads. SEO is a process with multiple types of techniques.

Local SEO Marketing

Below is a list of some of the ways SEO is performed

Each literally will make a difference and it’s likely to begin noticing more qualified traffic, calls and contact submissions within a week or two after SEO intiatives have begun.

The process involves all of the following:

  • ContentImproving content will involve written content modifications to include better keywords and phrases; adding header tags; possibly adding bullets; additional paragraphs, adding images with alt-tags and cleaning up errors.
  • Website Structure: Your site may need to be modified. The site’s structure is usually restructured somewhat to create a more “bread crumb” approach. This method allows a better experience for visitors and also implements easier access for search engine spiders (aka: robots). It allows human visitors to be pulled to a specific area of interest organically. It also encourages longer page visits and qualifies much better prospects than any other form of media (directory listings, paid advertising, social media management, etc.).
  • Website Technical Issues: Our team will search through your site to make sure coding, images and other areas of your website are structured properly (again for visitors and search engine spiders). Our goal is to correct problems or weaknesses that may compromise your site’s ability to do what it is supposed to do . . . “pull organic traffic”.  We want to make sure your site’s loading speed is at a pace that is search engine friendly.
  • Backlinking: Adding links on the backend creates entering and exiting pathways to your site. This method is approached by identifying other relevant websites, directories and other online places to tell the world about your website. Each additional backlink we generate to your site is literally like a “new road” to and from your site. Even better, if you have the opportunity to work with other relevant businesses interested in reciprocating website URL links (“I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” approach). Reciprocal links are the strongest type of backlink a website can achieve, yet most the difficult to obtain).
  • Blogging: We can create blogs for you to help boost your website’s keyword and key phrase density. This is also a good way to routinely update your website. Keep it fresh. Blogs and articles provide an opportunity to use keywords and search engine friendly phrases in a way regular web pages cannot. Blogs written and promoted by your own company are also great tools for social media. When blogs and articles are posted on other websites and social media platforms, they can actually become backlinks themselves.
  • Social Media: Routinely managing and making posts on a various social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) will help to brand your product and/or service. It will also expose new visitors (aka: “PROSPECTS”) to your website who may have never known about your company, product or service otherwise. The more page visits your site receives, the better your site’s Page Ranking will be. This is also another opportunity for backlinks.

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